Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Introduction to Fancher's Street Edge: Self Defense Systems

We had an excellent seminar at the school last night taught by 4th Degree Black Belt Instructor Mr. Tim Fancher of Columbia, MO. Mr. Tim Fancher has over twenty five years of martial arts experience training and teaching the cutting edge of combat technique and knowledge. As a professional personal protection specialist he teaches seminars around the country and has been featured many times on both radio and television as an expert on the subject. His experience as a police officer, security professional, and martial arts instructor informs his unique and assertive approach to staying safe in any dangerous situation.

Attendees of the seminar were taught a variety of techniques including -

  • Defenses against Straight Wrist Grabs using strikes against vital targets
  • Driving Takedowns from 12 o'clock against Straight Punches
  • Defenses against Rear Bear Hugs using Groin Grabs and Piston Striking
  • Techniques for Controlling and Transporting a Subject using Wrist Locks
Mr. Fancher also discussed Key Concepts for preparing for and surviving violence. After that, the seminar ended with a study of Pressure Point/Pain Compliance techniques. Each of these techniques was practiced against specific, vulnerable targets such as the Mandibular Angle and the Hypoglossal Nerve on the opponent with the intent of changing their position or compelling behavior.

Mr. Fancher emphasized the importance of preparing for the engagement beforehand, with the right mental attitude, visualization, and physical training. There was plenty of body work and repetition, allowing each of the students to perform their techniques with energy and resistance. The techniques and intensity he brought to the seminar gave each of the students an expanded toolbox for identifying dangerous situations, and for defending themselves and others.

We look forward to seeing Mr. Tim Fancher again and continuing to benefit from his unique approach to personal protection. Mr. Fancher offers both private and group lessons in Fancher's Street Edge:Self Defense Systems, and can be contacted at and

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