Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Intermediate/Advanced Class: Lock Flow Drill

In intermediate class Tuesday we discussed finding and applying locking techniques against our opponent. With that in mind, the following video briefly discusses applying grappling techniques to the pattern contained within the technique Sword of Legend.

Practice the flow with your training partners and see if you can find other places to insert grappling techniques into your striking patterns.

Drills -
Beginner: While performing your techniques on the body, alter each of your basic strikes to basic grabs. Pay attention to targets and angles of attack. Practice both pulling and pressing with each grabbing technique.

Intermediate: Practice alternating lock flow drill with a partner while striking opponent with off hand.

Advanced: While performing your techniques on the body, look for opportunities to insert grappling techniques. Once you've point referenced to a grappling technique point reference out of the grappling technique and into a different self defense technique. Continue to completion.

Ground Fighting: Student A in Mounted Position attacks Student B with straight punches. Student B defends by grabbing Student A's extended punch and countering with the Straight Armbar (juji-gatame).

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