Monday, May 30, 2011

Kenpo Class an International Phenomenon!

Kenpo Class by Dunham's Martial Arts now has readers in the United States, the Netherlands, Australia, Singapore, Denmark, Kuwait, the United Kingdom, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Georgia, Germany, India, Brazil, Latvia, Pakistan, Ireland, Mexico, Canada, Sri Lanka, Slovakia, the Ukraine, the Philippines, Romania, Argentina, China, Slovenia, Israel, France, Poland, and Iran!

We'd like to thank our readers all over the world for making us a part of their journey. We appreciate all your support in making this site a valuable source of information for martial artists of all styles and methods. We will continue to provide you with the kind of historical, philosophical, and instructional material which has kept you coming back for the last six months.

Thanks for helping us grow, and for recommending our site to your friends and fellow practitioners. We are all training in the Way together, and as the instructor learns from the student so too do we learn from all of you. Feel free to leave comments or feedback on our articles, we always love to hear from our readers!

Thanks again world. Thanks for coming into our school and being a part of Dunham's Martial Arts. Our head instructor Mr. Dunham believes we can work together to "Create a Great Day!" Thanks for being a part of that effort!

Drills -
Beginner: Practice the arts of your homeland. In North America, we have Western Boxing, Western Wrestling, several forms of Native American arts, and a variety of forms of folk wrestling and traditional fisticuffs. Look around at your local schools and gyms for ideas from local practitioners.

Intermediate: Practice the arts of other lands. Explore the Capoeria of Brasil, and the Chuan'Fa of China, and the Karate of Okinawa, and the Kendo of Japan and the Systema of Russia. Study how the techniques and methods of each style were influenced by the cultural and historical context of the time in which those arts were developed. Learn why each art is practiced the way it is, and how the same contributing influences affect the style that you practice.

Advanced: Practice the dead arts of antiquity. Ninjutsu as it is practiced in the Bujinkan is a recreation of Nine dead ryu. The Association for Renaissance Martial Arts is an organization devoted to recreating the European medieval and renaissance styles of armed and unarmed combat. Seek out these practices which have faded from common practice. Even some arts like Muay Boran and Limalama which are not truly dead, but are less commonly practiced, have a wealth of techniques to learn and study. In many cases these arts died because peace broke out across the land and a combat art like Sumai became a sport art like Sumo. In other cases, invasion from a foreign culture or an evolutionary shift in weapons and tactics made warrior arts, such as the practice of European Longsword techniques, obsolete to the professional soldier. In those cases, the practice of one art was replaced by the practice of another. Seek out these lost arts and learn from their methods.

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