Friday, December 3, 2010

Modern Self-Defense

Self-defense in modern times isn't always vs. the stereotypical aggressors we expect. Sure, tough guys, gang members, abusers, muggers, all these people are easy to identify in the movies or after a true altercation. However, modern self-defense needs to include much more than an education in blocks and strikes. What technique would you use on an attacker you never saw, who could inflict immense pain on both you and your family, and that never laid a hand on you? In our dojo, I want our students to be last on the list to be attacked, quick to appropriately defend when attacked, and capable of handling any attack. This includes attacks that are physical, psychological, financial, legal, or attacks on identity. Please take a moment to watch the link below, it teaches a technique that will help defend all 5 types of attack. It only takes 5 minutes and its a great reminder about keeping the unseen attacker
out of your life.

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